Application to HM Customs to obtain Import Licenses for importing vessels into Gibraltar. Take note that all seagoing vessels are considered restricted imports in Gibraltar and a licence issued by the Collector of Customs is required before importation.
    Below you can find a selection of Forms relevant to the Application of Import Licences for Vessels in Gibraltar.
    You can download the pdf form corresponding to your vessel, fill it in and return to us for further processing.
    If you cannot find the form you require or are in doubt as to which form you need please contact us.
    Normal Vessels Download Form

    Import Licence Application for Normal Vessels
    This form is designed for the importation of a pleasure craft or even a small workboat to be permanently imported into Gibraltar. There will be certain conditions to be met and we can advise on what these entail. 

    Import Licence Application for Large Vessels
    This form is designed for the importation of a large workboat that may be temporarily imported into Gibraltar for a specific purpose and then re-exported at a later date. An example of this may be a barge used during the construction of a Marina in Gibraltar. The Collector of Customs may grant the licence with an expiry date which may be renewed upon application when the time allowed expires.

    Large Vessels
    Download Form

    Import Licence Application for Jetskis or PWC
    This form is designed for the importation of Jetskis or Personal Watercraft (PWC). The Collector of Customs may apply certain conditions to allow the importation of such craft. We can act on your behalf and arrange most of the paperwork involved saving you valuable time. We can advise you of the requirements prior to purchasing your craft.

    Jetski Download Form
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    To book a Survey
    Condition Surveys for Insurance Policy Applications and Renewals
      There may be times when your insurer may want to know in more detail the condition of your vessel at the time of Policy Renewal or Initial Insurance Application.
      This may also work to your advantage as it is an opportunity for you the owner to learn more about the current state of your vessel. It should be looked at with the point of view that any safety aspect of you and/or the people on board be kept to the maximum.
      We will take a thorough inspection of your boat and advise on any defects that may require fixing or any additional equipment that is advisable to fit.
      Most insurers ask for an "Out of Water Survey" as it is the best way to inspect the hull below the waterline. Again it is in your interest to know that this area of your boat is in a 100% perfect condition. We have equipment to measure any water saturation in your GRP hull commonly known as "Osmosis" and can advise on any treatment necessary.
      A neat detailed report will be produced so that both the Insurance Company and yourself have peace of mind that your vessel meets the standards required and if not what needs attention. On many occasions we give an initial inspection, ask you to repair any defects found and then return after to verify it. We will then be able to produce a better report that may work to your advantage.
      Damage Reports for Insurance Claims
        Insurance Companies may be faced with a claim from one of their insured parties and may require advice about the damage prior to making a payment settlement.
        We will use our experience and expertise to look into every detail of the damage and condition of the vessel. We may be able to investigate the possible cause that led to the damage of the vessel, asses the present condition and value of the repair works or replacement.
        Private vessel owners may be asked by their insurers to provide a survey report explaining the current state of their vessel after an accident or damage and valuation to make it seaworthy again.
        A neat detailed report will be produced so that both the Insurance Company and yourself have an accurate account of the extent of works required to make the vessel seaworthy. 
        General Advice for Safety and Seaworthiness
          Whether as part of a survey or prior to taking a long voyage we can inspect your vessel and advise on improvements for Safety and Seaworthiness.
          It is surprising how many mariners may overlook at items or equipment that could save your life in the event of a disaster. The condition of parts of the vessel that sometimes is considered insignificant can be a potential hazard if not put right.
          Although it is impossible to predict what can happen out at sea our expertise and experience will help in making your vessel safer. 
          Pre Purchase Condition Surveys
            You do not need to be an expert on boats when deciding of purchasing a vessel for your recreational or work needs. We can make it a lot easier by doing all the relevant inspection for you. 
            Second Opinion on Damage and Repair Quotations
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